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Kurt Sipolski Kurt Sipolski – The Story of Iris
[Read Kurt’s Tribute to his Mother]
Joyce Ward Joyce Ward – As with any condition or event there are benefits. I have learned that people are extremely kind and helpful to the disabled.
[Read Joyce’s Story]
Lorraine Hartik Lorraine Hartik – I hear Sister Kenny’s words still ringing in my head: “You can and will walk.” So I am, as long as I can, with minimal assistance, and a positive outlook.
[Read Lorraine’s Story]
Michael Kossove Michael Kossove – I think of this as just “a little inconvenience,” and I have to be the luckiest guy in the world that I was not disabled all of this time.
[Read Michael’s Story]
John Bryan John Bryan – ‘I have been told many times that I am a classic, very strong Type-A personality. I have taken everything in life as a challenge, proving to myself and others that I could do the same things as everyone else. ‘
[Read John’s Story]
Ella Gaffney Ella Gaffney – ‘It is great to connect with other survivors around the world and be able to share with and learn their stories.’
[Read Ella’s Story]
Leslie Smith Leslie Smith – ‘PolioToday is a great resource for us as polio survivors.’
[Watch Leslie’s Video]
Ann Hazard Ann Hazard – ‘It took about a decade for me to finally put the PPS puzzle together.’
[Read Ann’s Story]
Joanne Brooks Jo Anne Brooks – ‘I do everything that you do, I just do it a little bit different.’
[Watch Jo Anne’s Story]
Cilla Webster Cilla Webster – ‘I choose to be proactive and make the most of what life has given me.’
[Read Cilla’s Story]
Paula Lambert Paula Lambert – ‘If I had one wish in my lifetime, it would be for advanced polio study and research to help myself and others.’
[Watch Paula’s Video]
Shirley Morganstein Shirley Morganstein – The polio mentality was ‘be the best possible at whatever you do.’ It really isn’t overachieving. It was survival.
[Watch Shirley’s Video]
Mary McManus Mary McManus – Finds New Path in Life Through Poetry
[Read Mary’s Story]
Sue Peeters Sue Peeters – Sue Peeters shares her story of finding the San Francisco Bay Area Polio Survivor group.
[View Sue’s Video]
Jim Donovan Jim Donovan – ‘Stem Cells Is The Way To Go’
[Read Jim’s Story]
Rick Van Der Linden Rick Van Der Linden – Managing Post-Polio Syndrome
[Read Rick’s Story]
Otholyn Otholyn “Bunny” Smith – Letting Family and Friends Help
[Read Bunny’s Story]
Gladys Swensrud Gladys Swensrud – Living with a Disease of Exclusion
[Read Gladys’s Story]
Lauro Halstead Dr. Lauro Halstead – One of the last remaining doctors in America with a specialty in treating people with polio. One reason for his interest: He had polio, too. He’s past retirement age, but the number of aging patients who want to see him is growing.
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