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  1. Greg Day says:

    I contracted Polio whe I was 3 years old…that was 57 years ago! It infectd my left side of my body. I was very fortunate to receive the Sabin vaccine during the Beta trials. Now I find I need to prove that I did contract polio and that I suffer from PPS! Other than the obvious…. my left arm and left leg and foot are much shorter and diminished than my right arm and leg. Also my left foot has an extreme arch due to the boot that came with my braces. Does anyone know how I can possible prove that I have PPS or that I did have Polio.

    Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you!

  2. Sharon Davis says:

    I’m 71 years old and had polio when I was 10. The last few years little by little my legs are getting weaker and walking more difficult. I live in Rancho Palos Verdes California and have been unable to locate a support group in this area. I’d certainly appreciate it if anyone knew of a group close to where I live. Thanks so much.

  3. roger reed says:

    My story is a little different I was born in june16 1959.I wasn’t vaccinated my aunt named me and I wasn’t circumcised but my brother had it all done.I contracted polio when I was 18 months parents hide this from me until my mother finally told me I had polio.when I was grown I was palalized.l have double scoiliosis bad Lt.leg and bad hip no muscles.I worked hard for 25 years in a factory building road trucks.when I was 38 that’s when my problems.started.I had viral menneningtis stayed in hospital for a week deadly sick.I have scare tissue in my spine I have oastroarthritse all over.I’ve had 12 surgery my lasted replaced my hasn’t done no good at all.I’m tore up from one end to the other I have arthritis scoilosis sleep apena URLs reflux disease weakness fatique pain and hurt so bad I can’t stand. It.if I use my arms at all I strain them and can’t use them for awhile.I can’t hardly do anything I’m now 55 chest muscles are pulled apart.heart trouble hbp low blood sugar carpaualtunnel syndrome in both hands if iI bend over very much my hip hurts so bad I can’t stand getting harder to walk.I have to have my rt.ankle reconstructed the bone coming out the side of my foot.I have pain down the back of my Lt. Bad leg when I ride or sit.depression I’ve been on disability since I was 42 years old.I’ve had hernies stomach problems.I hardly have enough energy to get through sex.I’m all messed up because my mother wouldn’t give me my a hard pill to swallow I’m on 13 medications and a CPA machine at night.well that’s about it.I have hope in my lord Jesus.

  4. sascha jean jansen says:

    I was born and raised in the Philippines and contracted polio in 1934 at 18 months old. Because of so many US military present in Manila their medical facilities were available to US citizens. This is where I intially got my care and advice. I was extremely lucky that my grandfather’s company footed the bill to and from Manila-San Francisco by ship to have many reconstructive surgeries on my legs. I had the good fortune to have one of the foremost polio gurus of that time at UC San Francisco – Dr Leroy Abbott. His cast-brace and PT teams kept me going, as well as his brilliance.

    When the Japanese invaded the Philippines during WWII we were put into a prison camp for over three years. I along with many others suffered from malnutrition and other debilitating diseases. I outgrew my braces with the special shoes attached, and missed my Feb 1942 surgical appointment in San Francisco. When we were liberated, the only shoes I had was given by a boy in camp were too heavy for me to wear. When we got to San Francisco, Dr Abbott examined me and gave me a schedule of more surgeries in the next 3 years. Eventually. after many surgeries up till 23yrs of age, I flourished, became stronger with much PT, married and had 3 children, 7 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren today. I lecture on the war, write on the same subject, and for the last 20 yrs have designed and escorted many reunion trips back to the Philippines for POWS. We go again in Feb/2015.I am in a scooter(for the last 15 yrs) and do everything on it. Make no mistake-I am weaker and can no longer walk, and yes, have chronic pain. I live by myself and have children close by. I figured one thing out at this age – KEEP MOVING, KEEP TALKING and KEEP EVERYONE GUESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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